Conductor, Berlin 2010

The installation Conductor consists of fourteen units that are provided with sensors measuring radioactive decay occurrences emitted by a stone containing  pitchblende. The rock is constantly turning at three rotations per minute, located centrically hanging above the sensors. Each unit transforms the moment of decay into a different sound. The stone is characterized by its irregular distribution of the radioactive pitchblende. Therefore, while rotating its emitted radiation generates a unique composition of spatial acoustics that is influenced by factors such as the chance itself, the  position of the  sounding units, the speed of the rotation itself and particularly the body of the viewer that is a absorbing as well as emitting source of radiation. As in the work Pitchblended the installation deals with the conventional concept of the stone as a sculptural media. Emphasizing its physical quality the stone as tone of the oldest sculptural media gains on new dimensions. The definition of the stone´s volume expands to the spectrum of its impact.

© Markus Hoffmann