60 min 24 h 200 000 years Thanksgiving Somewhere Close to Turkeypoint - An analogue photo showing the view from the nuclear power plant Turkey Point near Miami in the direction of the open sea towards the Bikini Atoll which served in the 1940s and 50s as a test site for nuclear bombs, has been exposed for 24 hours to radioactive material. The Bikini Atoll was the site of numerous US nuclear weapons tests in the 1940s and 1950s and has been radioactively contaminated ever since. Over time, the corals, plants, and animals ingested and thus archived the radioactive material produced during the tests as they grew. In Miami, the Turkey Point Nuclear Power Plant is located directly on the shoreline and has been reported for several leaks of radioactive material in the ocean over the last couple of decades - a kind of secretion process releasing toxic material, which produces radiation for hundreds of years finding its way into the food chain - 60 min 24 h 200 000 years Thanksgiving Somewhere Close to Turkeypoint connects the two places, the Bikini Atoll and The Turkey Point power Plant. The global ecosystem is facing climate change induced rising sea levels. That makes both regions high risk targets for global disasters. Both exposure times of the photographic material are measures closely related to the human perception of timescale in contrast to the nuclear decay time of 200 000 years which is far beyond human imagination. Both the long-term exposure and the multi exposure to the radioactive material captures time. The time is stored and shapes the image. The long-term exposure of over 60 minutes captures the place, the moving ocean, and thus blurs it to a degree of abstraction, as it were, "every place". The exposure to the radioactive material for 24 hours leaves cloudy traces on the image. Thanksgiving as a day of celebrating harvest is a hint towards the dangers of radioactive poisons entering the food chain and finally accumulating in the human body. The photo was shot on Thanksgiving 2018.

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