Pitchblended, Berlin 2012

The work Pitchblended triggered spacial acoustcs has three performative parts in order to make the set-up and the process within the room accessible to the viewer / listener.In the first part of the performance devices are placed and after a certain time switched on in a specific order so that it becomes obvious how sound or sound sources in different locations of a room can explain the space. the second part of the performance intends to put the devices gradually closer to the natural radioactive sources [pitchblende] installed in the room. on the one hand the choreography of sound - although it follows totally chance driven system - finds a syncope through the units being as close as possible to the radioactive ore. on the other, the process of getting closer widens the sculptural understanding of the viewer, in the way that the radiation becomes the sculpture and not only the visible stone. other layers are the act of translocating an site-specific quality of a space located in nature, such as an ore field, into an exhibition context. The third part of the performance is a text being read to the audience by a computer voice. It is about the historical scientific background of this work and references that could be made. It is read at a speed and volume that creates astrong reverberation making it almost impossible to follow.

The work was realized in collaboration with Martin Schied.

© Markus Hoffmann