Every day, at least ten species are lost forever from the face of the earth, a tragic consequence of humankind´s destructive relationship with the natural world. The fast fashion industry, in particular, stands out as a major perpetrator of environmental abuse and toxicity.The sculpture, entitled "Pentobarbital - One species for a million," is an ethereal creation made from ultra-reflective fabric, cotton sweaters, copper tubes, chains, and brass hooks. A reflective flag, suspended from the ceiling by its pole, floats in the space, while six black sweaters, bleached and silkscreened, are arranged with meticulous care to form a square beneath it. The fronts of these sustainable cotton sweaters are adorned with the word "pentobarbital," a death-inducing drug and somber reminder of the human-induced suffering and death inflicted upon countless species. The back of the garments bear the words: "One species for a million, surrender yourself for plurality," a haunting call to action and solidarity. This art piece speaks to the ongoing apocalypse of species on the planet and seamlessly intertwines with the core themes of the Chthulucene. It serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need for us to create new narratives and alter our destructive ways, striving towards coexistence and compassion with the earth and all its inhabitants.


© Markus Hoffmann