Infinite Clock

Infinite clock Infinite clock

Infinite Clock delves into the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world, serving as a time capsule for future generations. Through the mediums of aluminum and bronze, the artwork captures the fast-paced and destructive nature of modern society, while also paying tribute to the history of sculpture. The coconut, a symbol of both tropical beauty and the unfolding of the future, has been carefully divided and cast in these materials, then rejoined to form a cohesive whole. Within this artwork, the viewer finds sand samples from the Bikini Atoll and the Enewetak Atoll, which serve as a reminder of the destructive forces of humanity and the transformative power of the natural world. The work Infinite Clock is a both metaphor and representation of the forces of destruction, transformation, and accumulation that shape the world around us, forever feedbacking into our evolving history.

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