Greensediment Greensediment Greensediment Greensediment

Green Sediment is a thought-provoking artwork that delves into the concept of radioactivity and its impact on our planet. Utilizing the radioactive potential of uranium minerals, the artist creates a contemplative void into the uncanny cosmos of radioactive sediments. The radioactivity of the ores leaves visible traces on photosensitive material, a process that refers back to the infamous discovery of radioactivity by Henry Becquerel in 1896. The work was created by repeatedly arranging and re-positioning radioactive minerals from every continent for a period of 365 days, resulting in almost painterly, blurry shadow traces that overlap and create a dark black green square. The artwork demands the realization that the human eye is no longer the arbiter of absolute proof and has lost its claim as a factual and trustworthy observer of the world around us.

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© Markus Hoffmann