Coral Memory


Coral Memory is a series of photographic works, that explores the haunting beauty of the natural world in the aftermath of human intervention. This exhibit, featuring both color and black and white images, captures the coral reefs of the Bikini Atoll and the Enewatak Atoll in a powerful way. Each photograph has been exposed to radioactive coral samples multiple times, revealing an invisible radioactive presence at the location through the haunting "overexposure" traces. The series invites the viewer to ponder the impact of bioaccumulation of radioactive materials stemming from Cold War nuclear tests, and the ongoing phenomenon of global coral bleaching and dissolving caused by the acidification of the oceans due to global climate change.The work "Coral Memory" invites the viewer to consider the relationship between humanity and the natural world, and challenges us to reflect on the consequences of our actions. Ultimately, it calls on us to take responsibility for safeguarding the planet for future generations.

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