Containment I Containment I Containment I Containment I

Containment is a thought-provoking techno-poetic series of sculptures that explore the alchemical intersection of technology and nature. Each piece in the series is composed of beautifully grained oak wood discs, salvaged from a 90-year-old tree, encased in gleaming aluminum. The contrast between the organic warmth of the wood, torn and cracked by the immediate shock of the heat, and the cool, industrial metal with its irregular indents reflects the tension at the heart of the work. The indents on the surface of the aluminum and the deformations of the wood are remnants of the archaic alchemical production process of pouring hot aluminum over the still-moist tree discs. These sculptures serve as a reminder of the high energy demands of our technologically driven world, and the devastating irreversable impact this has on the natural environment.

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© Markus Hoffmann