The work ZD-CB I und ZD-CB II consists of two autoradiographs. The analog photo negatives have been repeatedly exposed to radioactive soil samples from the nuclear exclusion zone in Chernobyl. The photographs show the cooling pond in Chernobyl shot with a drone from bird’s eye perspective the other one shows the reactor pool inside the nuclear power plant in Zwentendorf, Austria which has the same reactor type as Chernobyl, but has never been switched on due to the protests of the public. The work ZD-CB I und ZD-CB II thus connects two places Chernobyl and Zwentendorf and hints indirectly towards the untameable potential that lies in using nuclear power. Zwentendorf could have exploded had it been activated and Chernobyl may not have turned into such a catastrophic event had it not. The radioactivity that normally is invisible to the human sensory system becomes visible as the radiation leaves white cloud-like traces on the photographic material. The two structures shown on the photos have almost similar formal aspects abstractly showing circles as well the white radioactive traces look like clouds which contributes to a certain kind of irritation that lures the viewer inside the unfolding narratives embedded in the images.


© Markus Hoffmann