Twinmuse Twinmuse Twinmuse

Twinmuse explores the opposing forces of time through the medium of stone. Consisting of two parts, one a stone found in a riverbed and the other an agglomeration of stones formed through sedimentation and calcification in a cave, the sculpture takes the form of a head-like shape laying on its side, reminiscent of Brancusi´s Sleeping Muse, the work rests delicately on a podium made from carefully stacked bricks.The riverbed stone highlights atrophy, as its rough surface and weather-worn appearance speak to the passage of time and the erosion of the material. In contrast, the cave agglomeration of stones, covered in crystalline formations, represents accumulation, as it has been shaped and formed over time through the constant sedimentation of minerals washed out from the cave walls delivered by the dripping of water. Together, these two parts embody the resting equilibrium of opposing forces, as the roughness of the riverbed stone is balanced by the smoothness of the cave sediment, and the sculpting by abrasion of the water acting on the riverbed stone is counteracted by the upward growth direction of the cave stone. The materiality and shape of the work, mediated through water, articulate the constant interplay between erosion and accumulation in the natural world.


© Markus Hoffmann