- close your eyes and imagine the most beautiful place.
- you can do whatever you want: lay down on the floor make yourself feel comfortable.
- open them up when i say: yes...(wait 5 minutes)
- yes.
- i want to tell you: i have hidden a stone in the park.
- passing the stone around :
- i want you, to take this stone and please look at the stone as if it was a sculpture; try to be aware of all possible qualities of stones.
- this stone contains the same qualities as the other one.
- while passing the stone around...
- i have to rephrase myself: i probably dumped a stone in the park and that is also related to the quality of the stone.
- i want you to kow that this stone contains radioactivity and i want you to know that i think, that we as species create the most beautiful and important invisible monuments, when we produce stones like this artificially.
- i mean due to the fact, that they will almost last forever, we will have to deal with them, be responsible for them. they will focus our attention.
the shift and existence of invisibile monuments will determine sensitivly how our whole species will organize and manage.
- so now you shall ask your shelf now, what to do with it... ( wait for 5 minutes)
- invisible monuments, Markus Hoffmann, 2011
- thats it.
- thank you...
-i will transfer this monument to the next place.

The work MONUMENT cosists of two parts: one physikal that is, the depositing and hiding of natural radioactive material in public space the other the performing of a predifined text and actions.The map is transferred to each next performance and necessary content replenished.

© Markus Hoffmann